Only two States solution will end Israel-Palestine conflict – Envoy

The Ambassador to the State of Palestine in Nigeria, Mr Abdullah Shawesh, on Wednesday called on the international community to mediate for a two state solution to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the envoy made the call while addressing newsmen in Abuja on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Shawesh said that since the invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces, more than 2.2 million civilians have been pushed into an unbearable situation.

The Palestinian Ambassador called on the international community to find lasting resolution to the dispute by going into its root causes.

“We condemn in strong terms the root causes of the disputes but we will not condemn the symptoms of the disputes.

“Over 1, 600 people have been jailed since Oct. 7 in the Gaza region.

“We as Palestinian have one voice and we are calling for a ceasefire on both sides, also hostage from both should be released and sent back to their homes.”

Shawesh added that the number of Palestinians killed as of Nov. 1, has exceeded 8, 700 in Gaza and 114 in the occupied West Bank, while 73 per cent of them are children, women and the elderly.

“The total number of those injured in Gaza are over 20, 000, while in the West Bank is 2,000, and the missing people in Gaza under the rubbles are around 1,500,” Shawesh said.

He added that 116 health and rescue workers have also been killed since the conflict started, and more than 100 injured.

The envoy also said 25 aambulances have been put out of service, and 25 others require urgent maintenance.

“One third of the hospitals, and 46 out of 73 of the primary health care centres in Gaza are out of service due to direct attacks or lack of fuel.

“All the hospitals are under daily threats and they were requested to be evacuated many times.

“We have thousands of kidney failure, cancer and other chronic diseases patients who are in critical conditions, many of them will lose their lives due to the lack of necessary medicines,” the envoy lamented.

Shawesh urged the United Nations and other international organisations to investigate both sides in the conflict by giving fair hearing to all.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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