Northern Cape Safety and Liaison hosts Youth Dialogue on crime prevention and substance abuse, 24 Feb

NCape Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison to host Youth Dialogue on crime prevention and substance abuse as a contributing factor

The Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison in the Northern Cape will host a youth dialogue on crime prevention with focus on substance abuse as a contributing factor towards crime.

The youth dialogue forms part of intensified programmes on the background of Safety and Security Month and will take place at Rietvale High School on 24 February 2017.

This is but one of the many programmes that will continue to unfold across the province with the aim of raising awareness on crime prevention and the contributing factors to crime such as substance abuse.

The youth dialogue, will create a platform where the learners can engage on topics and issues around crime prevention and substance abuse. This, will in turn create an opportunity for the learners to see themselves as part of the solution and come up with ways to combat crime in communities, create safer schools and conducive environments for learning. It is important for the youth to see themselves as important in shaping their environment.

This particular school, has a history of violent behaviour amongst the learners which is linked to substance abuse amongst some of the contributing factors. By having this dialogue, we would like to see a reduction in this kind of violent behaviour and the abuse of substances by promoting safer school environments.

We also want to demonstrate the message through the arts, using visuals with a play that will showcase the impact of substance abuse and domestic violence. The play will be done by Atlegang Creative Production Company. This will also help learners see and understand the impact of crime on many lives and how it impacts on communities.

This is an integrated programme with Modderrivier Police station, Atlegang Creative Production Company and the Department.

Source: Government of South Africa