Northern Cape Provincial Government hosts Senior Managers’ Summit in Kimberley

All Senior Managers in the Northern Cape Provincial Government will be attending a Senior Managers Summit. The purpose of the provincial government senior managers' summit is to give an opportunity to all senior managers to reflect on the performance of the province with the Premier and among themselves to get an informed understanding and commitment to serve the public interest. The summit is intended to contribute to building this shared foundation as well as to introduce tools for enhanced improvement of performance.

Senior Managers have the responsibility of providing strategic leadership which include good governance, leading their subordinates towards service excellence, and the realisation of a capable and developmental state. Chapter 5, section 81 of the 2016 Public Service Regulations states that, the Senior Management Service has been established to:

promote a public service management culture of excellence based on the values and principles in section 195 (1) of the Constitution and the provisions of the Act,

facilitate co-operation amongst management structures of departments,

transfer organisational, managerial, professional and strategic expertise across the public service, and

provide an organised network for the dissemination of policy, strategy and expertise.

The summit aims to provide a platform where senior managers will be able to tackle the challenges faced in the Northern Cape provincial government and explore sustainable and SMART solutions to ensure that the province becomes the best performing province in all areas of governance and reaches the goals as set out in the MTSF and NDP.

With this summit, it is envisaged that:

Senior managers will understand their role in ensuring that the Northern Cape will become one of the leaders in good governance/achieving the MTSF goals and NDP Vision.

Senior Managers are equipped towards steering employees to ensure the Northern Cape becomes a leader in governance and service delivery.

Senior Managers will be equipped with the tools to identify gaps that hinder the province from achieving excellence in governance and service delivery.

Senior managers will find innovative ways to address the gaps that were identified.

Senior Managers will be armed with the necessary motivation to participate in all training programmes as recommended by the SMS Directive and SMS Handbook in order to ensure that they are skilled to lead subordinates to excellence in governance and service delivery.

Senior managers will develop innovative ways to unlock the true potential of their subordinates to ensure the achievement of excellence in governance and service delivery.

Senior Managers will ensure knowledge management in the Public Service to ensure that service delivery is not hampered by the lack of transfer of skills.

Premier of the Northern Cape, Ms Sylvia Lucas will be accompanied by the MEC's, Director General Mr. Justice Bekebeke and designated Senior Managers. The event is themed "Senior Managers leading for Excellence in the Northern Cape".

Source: Government of South Africa