North West Legislature hosts Legislature Stakeholders’ Dialogue in Vryburg, 29 Nov

North West Legislature Speaker to host Legislature Stakeholders' Dialogue in Vryburg

On Wednesday 29 November 2017, the Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature, Hon, Sussana Dantjie will host the Legislature Stakeholders' Dialogue under the theme Unleashing The Economic Spin-Offs in Dr R S Mompati District In The Context of VTSD at Coleridge Stadium, Naledi Local Municipality at 09h00.

The objective of the event is to create a platform for robust debates on growing the local economy of Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District through existing resources and to identify the unique intervention mechanisms necessary for unleashing the economic spin-offs in the region.

The outreach programme was launched by Hon. Dantjie to afford the Executive an opportunity to account to the people of the North West on the work and commitment by government; and to provide an opportunity for people of North West to engage government and table their expectations.

A panel of expertise consisting of the Department of Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development; Department of Tourism; North West University and District Economic Development Officers will present on the following topics:

How to multiply and drive the economy of Dr R S Mompati through Tourism industry to off-set benefits to the community;

The role of communities in addressing local economic development challenges (funded projects that have collapsed) ;

Resuscitating government and community initiatives geared towards economic growth.

Representatives from the North West Development Corporation; VTSD Forums in Dr. R. S. Mompati District; District Chamber of Business; Tourism Associations; Agricultural College and community members will be present at the event.

Source: Government of South Africa