Night duties stifle crime at Ngcobo and Cofimvaba

ZWELITSHA - Committed forces were operationally ready to resume crime fighting duties around Cofimvaba and Ngcobo. They were inspected and deployed to do night crime fighting operations through patrols and suspect raiding as an integral part of the multi discipline GBV and crime fighting operations at Chris Hani District. On the evening of 23 April 2021 foot soldiers paraded outside Ngcobo and Cofimvaba Saps respectively. The operations were enforced with additional Tactical Response Team members.

NGCOBO: The operations focused at Dalasile, Ngcobo Central Business District (CBD) and residential areas.

-A combat operation and vehicle check points were conducted at Kwankcenkce Tarven in the CBD.

- Five dangerous weapons (Knives) were confiscated.

- A J534 fine of R1000 was issued under section 40 (1) for failure to appoint a person to manage the business at one business within CBD.

At one local tavern twenty (20) dagga bompies and two knives were confiscated.

- Dangerous weapons including knives and home-made knives were also confiscated.

COFIMVABA: Police, District and local traffic officials, Junior Management Core, together with different units and structures were deployed to monitor compliance with Liquor Trade Act and Disaster Management Act Regulations in different areas of Cofimvaba.

As an integral part of ensuring compliance with Liquor Act and Disaster Management Act Regulations, three (3) liquor outlets were closed in different areas, with hundreds of litres of liquor confiscated. Owners were issued with fines for non-compliance.

Police visibility in the Central Business District (CBD) and rural areas ensured that law and order is maintained in the vicinities.

During the off-duty parades, foot soldiers were commended for discipline, unity, professionalism and dedication displayed in their line of duty.

Source: South African Police Service