Murder suspect arrested within 24-hours

Due to the commitment and dedication of D/W/O Ayanda Jansen of the Barkly East Detective Service a 20-year-old suspect was arrested for the murder of 82-year old-lady.

It is alleged that on Saturday at about 23:00 at the Boyce Nondala area the victim was alone at home and went to sleep.

It was then that the suspect broke into the house, sexually assaulted and murders the old lady.

The body with stab wounds was found the next day by her grandchild. At that stage there were no clues or information regarding any suspect.

D /Warrant Officer Jansen was the detective on standby and started with the investigation. He interviewed numerous people and request anyone with information to contact him.

On Sunday at 20:00 he received positive information and followed it up. He traced the possible suspect and search his house.

Evidence was found inside his house and the suspect was arrested. He will appear before the Barkly East magistrate court on 13 August 2019.

The Cluster Comm Col MatshedisoGezani and his colleagues congratulated D/W/O Jansen for his dedication, commitment and professional investigation in making the successful arrest within 24hrs as crimes against woman and children is a high priority for the SAPS.

Source: South African Police Service