Multi dsiciplinary approach resulted in effective operation in Cala

Department of Safety and Liaison together with the South African Police Service embarked on door-to-door campaign in different localities in Cala today, 4th October, with the aim of interacting with members of the community, and hear their concerns relating to criminality in their areas.

The well-organised campaign was led by the Acting HOD for Safety and Liaison, Mr. Zukile Kani and the SAPS Provincial Head for Visible Policing, Brigadier Malibongwe Ntsabo.

The campaign had positive feedback as members of community disclosed their concerns relating to crime and services of the police.

The operation preceded an outreach programme that is scheduled for tomorrow, 5th October, in Cala. The event will be a joint venture where different stakeholders, inclusive of SAPS, Municipality, Departments of Transport and Safety and Liaison will work together.

Source: South African Police Service