Mitchell’s Plain Integrated PRASA operation leads to arrests

On Friday morning, 2018-07-06, at about 10:00, the Mitchell's Plain police executed an integrated operation focussing on cable theft and Second Hand Goods Control in conjunction with PRASA, Law Enforcement (copper heads) and SAPS Provincial FLASH. Together they targeted several scrap metal dealers and recyclers adjacent to the Mitchell's Plain railway line.

During the operation six places were searched, which included five scrap metal dealers and a recycler's premises. These premises were searched for illegal copper stolen from infrastructure belonging to PRASA and the City of Cape Town. However it was found that the dealers had no stolen property belonging to PRASA or the City of Cape Town.

Several foot patrols were also conducted in the Town Centre CBD, the industrial area and at railway sites which were visited. During the operation police members responded swiftly when a business robbery occurred at a jewellery store in a shopping mall in Beacon Valley.

This resulted in the arrest of four suspects. Integrated operations of this kind are executed continuously in all areas to increase police visibility and stop the theft of precious infrastructure which ensures that commuters can travel safely.

Source: South African Police Service