Ministry of Education encourages adults to go to school

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MEAC) Oshikoto regional Director, Alleta Eises has encouraged adults to go to school for their own benefits.

Eises made the remarks during the celebration of International Literacy Day at Olukonda on Friday.

“We are respecting adults who are part of adult literacy for their knowledge application, what they are bringing to the table and for realising that, without education their future is doomed.

Adult learners, we are applauding you for your determination and your great vision for you to advance in life by promoting skills as lifelong learning,” said Eises.

Eises said when adults are studying, they are setting a good example to the young ones for them to uplift and uphold literacy in their communities.

The regional education director further said Namibia is moving towards the 4th Industrial Revolution where Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a critical tool for development.

Literacy education, she further said would help adults to manage their business, do their banking and keep up with the new technologies.

“Literacy was started for reading, writing and counting purposes, but today, we are at 91 per cent nationally as a country for literacy”, said Eises, adding the Oshikoto literacy level currently stands at 88 per cent, and new figures are expected once the new census ends.

Adult literacy was started by UNESCO about 40 years ago to be able to uphold and uplift literacy in the communities and Namibia offers a free education for Adult literacy which is pro-development, and pro-economic development among others, she noted.

Speaking at the same event, Olukonda constituency councillor, Philemon Ndjambula has raised concern on the shortage of boarding schools in the area.

“We are requesting our government to build a boarding Secondary School in Olukonda Constituency because we have 12 Primary Schools whose learners go to other constituencies for boarding school,” said Ndjambula.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency