Minister Dipuo Peters attends Fifth Benguela Current Commission (BCC) Ministerial Conference in Namibia

Transport Minister is in Namibia to attend the Fifth Benguela Current Commission (BCC) Ministerial Conference

The Minister of Transport, Ms. Dipuo Peters is in Swakopmund, Namibia where she is attending the Fifth Benguela Current Commission (BCC) Ministerial Conference.

The two day conference which commenced on 8 December 2016 will end up tomorrow.

The BCC is a multi-sectoral inter-governmental initiative consisting of Angola, Namibia and South Africa. It promotes the vision of the Benguela Current Large Marine Eco-system (BCLME) which sustains the well- being of human and eco-system over generations.

The BCLME extends from east of the Cape of Good Hope, northwards to Cabinda Province in Angola and encompasses the full extent of Namibia's marine environment. It is a major coastal eco-system and important marine biodiversity and food production.

The Minister's participation in the BCC conference precedes South Africa's successful participation in the African Union Extraordinary Summit on Maritime Security and Safety and Development in Africa which was held in the capital of Togo, Lome, on 15 October 2016. The aim of the Lome Conference was to make maritime the key driver of Africa's economic and social development.

In her participation in this and the previous maritime conference, Ms Peters said: Intra-African cooperation on Maritime Affairs will bolster South Africa's plans to unlock its full ocean economic potential as pronounced in Operation Phakisa and will serve as a conduit for greater regional integration on the continent.

Source: Government of South Africa