Minister Ayanda Dlodlo takes Broadcasting Digital Migration public awareness campaign to Lepelle-Nkumpi

Minister of Communications takes the Broadcasting Digital Migration public awareness campaign to Lepelle-Nkumpi in Limpopo

Communications Minister Ms Ayanda Dlodlo will lead a public awareness campaign to inform community members of Lepelle-Nkumpi in Limpopo, about government's Broadcasting Digital Migration project this coming Sunday, the 9th of April 2017.

The primary objective of digital migration is to clear the radio frequency spectrum currently occupied by broadcasters, and thus facilitate the provision of wireless mobile broadband services and other innovative applications that benefit communities, said Minister Dlodlo.

Additionally, digital migration will create new business opportunities and more players in the market, thus contribution towards creating entrepreneurs and jobs in the broadcasting and digital content-generation field.

The television viewing experience of qualifying households will also never be the same again once the government-subsidised set-top-boxes have been installed, added Minister Dlodlo. They will be able to enjoy improve picture and sound quality.

The government has deemed it necessary to mandate an electronic programme guide (EPG), which also includes an eight-day programme schedule for each channel. This will enable the beneficiaries of these STBs to plan their viewing much better.

Source: Government of South Africa