Minister Ayanda Dlodlo: Launch of public service e-Recruitment system

Media statement on the official launch of the e-Recruitment system in the public service by Ms. Ayanda Dlodlo, MP, Minister for the Public Service and Administration

Ladies and gentlemen of the Media

Firstly, let me welcome you to this Media Briefing and thank you for your participation.

Today, we are officially launching the e-Recruitment system in the Public Service as part of a wide government process to make it simpler and easier for people, especially the youth, to apply for job opportunities in the public service.

The process will also include a review of Regulations for all entry level posts in the Public Service, to allow the recruitment of new entrants without prior experience into entry level jobs. Our government is committed to addressing the challenge of high rates of youth unemployment in the country and to this end - we believe that the e-Recruitment system will alleviate the burden on our youth when applying for jobs in the Public Service.

The e-Recruitment system is a beginning of a process to introduce a paperless administration across the public service. Last month, I directed the Department of Public Service and Administration to introduce a digital Z83 application form as an additional platform for job seekers in the Public Service.

It is important to stress that applications for jobs in the Public Service will still be accepted through the physical Z83 forms to accommodate those who do not have access to the internet and will also be available in an online digital format to allow for a quick and easy application process for those who have internet.

It is indisputable that the current recruitment processes are cumbersome for job-seekers and government departments have not moved or evolved with the changing technological advancements. For job-seekers, the new e-Recruitment system will be beneficial because it is web-based and accessible from different locations for all job seekers who submit applications to a centralized database. This will enable the applicants to post their CVs and supporting documents once and the process will save them the cost of making multiple copies for applications.

I also need to state that the decision to create a digital Z83 form is a direct response to job-seekers in South Africa who have used various platforms, including social media, to inform us about how cumbersome and unaffordable the Z83 application process is. A benefit for government departments is that the system allows them to advertise posts electronically and therefore reduces the cost of current methods of advertising in newspapers.

This innovative process is a collaborative effort between the DPSA and the Gauteng Department of e-Government. The Gauteng Department of e-Government provides the required resources to operate the system while the State Information Technology Agency is partnering on the provision of technical and infrastructure development skills.

Currently, the e-Recruitment system or applications through the digital Z83 system is being phased-in, beginning with the national Departments of Labor; Higher Education and Training; Office of the Public Service Commission, Public Service and Administration, National School of Government and the Centre for Public Service Innovation, with the process expected to be completed by 31 March 2019. We will then roll-out the system to the rest of the Public Service effective from 1 April 2019.

In conclusion, through the launch of e-Recruitment, as government, we demonstrate our commitment to uplifting the lives of our people, especially the youth and graduates. It is also a demonstration that the Public Service is evolving and embracing the technological innovations presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution. This launch is part of the bigger message that the Public Service does indeed care for our people.

Thank you.

Source: Government of South Africa