MEC Donald Grant extends condolences Khumalo family

Minister Grant extends condolences to the latest victim of taxi related violence Mr Dan Khumalo

Late yesterday evening, I was shocked and disheartened to hear of the senseless killing of Mr Dan Khumalo, a respected figure in the minibus taxi industry in Cape Town. MrKhumalo was a senior leader in the Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association (CATA), and was gunned down at his home on Sunday evening.

After receiving the news, I immediately called Mr Vernon Billet, the President of SANTACO in the Western Cape, to extend my condolences and express my shock at the news of MrKhumalo's killing. I should also like to extend my sincere condolences, on behalf of the Western Cape Government, to MrKhumalo's family, who have suffered a horrific tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this trying time.

I strongly condemn this latest act of violence, that has cost MrKhumalo his life.

We know that tensions within the mother-body CATA have been steadily building up over the past year, following disputes between affiliate members in Langa, Bellville, and Delft over routes. I am deeply concerned about the growing number of targeted killings and incidents of violent conflicts between affiliated groupings and members of CATA, stemming from these ongoing disputes. These are likely to continue if the leadership of CATA does not work with authorities to find solutions to the issues they experience internally, resulting in such violence.

I urge CATA leadership and members to commit to finding solutions that will see this ongoing violence come to an end.

The Western Cape Government will do whatever it can to facilitate a resolution to the conflict within CATA. We established an inter-governmental Task Team some time back, to investigate all taxi related crimes. The Task Team comprises members of the SAPS, Department of Transport and Public Works, City of Cape Town, and the National Prosecuting Authority. The aim of the Task Team is to identify the root causes of the conflict, as well as bring the perpetrators and others behind the crimes to book.

We will also do all we can to assist the SAPS in investigating MrKhumalo's murder. We hope that they will move swiftly to apprehend those involved, and bring justice to MrKhumalo's family.

Source: Government of South Africa