MEC Desbo Mohono welcomes Tourism Enterprise Incubator Programme

The North West MEC for Tourism Desbo Mohono has welcomed the Tourism Enterprise Incubator Programme citing that the programme will play a pivotal role in growing Tourism businesses in the province. Mohono said that fifty Small Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) within the tourism business space in her province will receive much needed support from this programme which was recently launched by the Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom at the Mphebatho Cultural Museum in Moruleng.

We are proud as a province to be spearheading this programme. This programme is one of many revolutionary ways used by government in ensuring continuous support to SMMEs. This business incubator model is a vibrant tool for nurturing innovative ventures regarding economic development and job creation as a critical components of entrepreneurial infrastructure. It is going to assist the growth of emerging and small start-up business enterprises into financially and operationally independent business ultimately, Mohono said.

Echoing her words, Tourism Minister, Derek Hanekom said that this business incubator programme will be a virtual vehicle used to facilitate the provision of business support interventions to tourism enterprises, clustered along a thriving tourism node in the country. He said that this model will enable enterprises to obtain all business support services offered without being located in the incubator.

The programme will focus on viable existing Small Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) at the selected tourism nodes. The SMMEs must be affiliated to a local tourism association and be operational. There is no turn over requirement for participation by SMME's but the official description of what SMMEs in line with the Small Development Act will be considered in the evaluation of suitability for inclusion in the Incubator, Minster Hanekom said.

Chairpeson of the Bojanala Tour Operators Association, Lester Ntsabo said that this programme is going to ensure sustainable growth in their businesses. Ntsabo was speaking on behalf of all incubatees when he said this kind of support was welcomed by the industry at large. As tourism business owners we really need this kind of support in order to grow our businesses and ensure that they prosper. Tourism is one of the most influential sectors used to drive our economy and it is necessary for tourism businesses to be capacitated and supported by government, said Ntsabo.

Kgosi Nyalala Pilane of Bakgatlha Ba Kgafela also echoed Ntsabo's words. Kgosi Pilane said that it was important to nurture and support tourism business in order for us to maintain and keep our economy afloat. The value chain here is not just Tourism Sector driven. There are other aspects of this tourism business which will eventually influence other sectors of society in order for this to be a success. There are plenty of elements involved and we need necessary support from government to ensure that we grow the tourism sector in the province, concluded Kgosi

Source: Government of South Africa