Mayor commends top City 500 managers and urges continued hard work to maintain service delivery


Firstly, thank you to you all for availing yourselves at short notice to attend this meeting.

I want to take this opportunity to formally introduce the new City Manager, Lungelo Mbandazayo, to you all.

I also called this meeting to address you all at this very significant time for the City.

As an administration, we have been through a lot since we last met and I want to thank you all for your commitment and hard work over the years.

The challenges in our city are great and there is still so much to do to bring about parity of services and ensure that we deliver all the services of all City departments to all areas of the metro.

We have done great work but we know that our commitment through the ODTP, which was adopted by Council in August 2016, is set to make this great city even greater.

The ideas on how to transform the city came from all of you.

Over the past year, we have once again garnered many achievements and accolades and it is thanks to your hard work and the effort of the teams that you lead.

In the last seven years, the City has received 92 international and national awards.

In September, the Financial and Fiscal Commission presented a report to Mayco which showed that Cape Town provides the highest level of access to services in the country.

The report stated that the City of Cape Town is providing flush toilets and weekly refuse removal at a higher percentage rate than any other metro.

Around 93,8% of households in Cape Town have access to a flush toilet � higher than the other metros.

And 87,8% of households have refuse removed in Cape Town � the highest of any city in South Africa.

The City of Cape Town provides safe drinking water to 93,7% of households. This is second only to Johannesburg that provides safe drinking water to 94,1% of households.

These figures are a clear indication of the success of the teams led by you who work tirelessly in very tough conditions.

I am also proud of the work of our officials which led to the recent World Bank ranking which found Cape Town to be the best of all metros for getting electricity to investors and granting construction permits.

This came right after the recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report naming Cape Town as the top 'opportunity city' in Africa.

Over the past year, we also became the first city in the country to sell a true Green Bond of R1 billion to help finance our climate change action projects.

Another success that I am immensely proud of is the delivery of housing opportunities.

Between 2012 and 2018, more than 42 200 families have benefitted from housing opportunities delivered by this administration.

In the past financial year, for the first time in its 18-year history as a metro government, we exceeded our housing delivery target by 62%.

This is highly commendable and I ask that you extend my thanks to each member of your teams for this remarkable achievement.

This past year has also been a tough one for the Water department and I want to extend a special thanks to each person in the water department for their hard work.

We have navigated our way through the worst drought in decades and, together with residents, we can be very proud of our success.

In May this year, we received a Certificate of Achievement from the International Water Association for reducing water demand by 55% in two years without resorting to intermittent supply.

This year, Cape Town was also voted the number one city in Africa for business tourism events by the International Congress and Convention Association.

And just last week, we were once again confirmed as the Events Capital of Africa at an awards ceremony in Durban.

We have now been nominated to be recognised as the 'World's Leading Festival and Events Destination' at the 2018 World Travel Awards, set to take place in Portugal on 1 December 2018.

Cape Town is nominated alongside other leading global event cities including London, Montreal, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai.

This award comes after many years of hard work by the events team to implement a strategy to make Cape Town the events capital of Africa.

In August, Statistics South Africa stated that employment in Cape Town increased by 74 000 in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same time last year.

The City's expanded unemployment rate is the lowest of all metros in South Africa at 22,6% and far below the national expanded unemployment rate of 37,2%.

I can spend a long time talking about our achievements because we have kept Cape Town on top and it is thanks to your many hours and the commitment you show to the people of Cape Town.

Next week, we will be honouring individuals and teams for their outstanding work at the annual Mayoral Awards where I will again thank staff for their work.

As my term comes to an end, I am proud to have been part of a team with all of you as we work towards building an inclusive, caring, opportunity, safe and well-run city.

I urge you all as civil servants to remember the great responsibility and accountability that lies with us all to deliver services, especially to those in need, and to deliver the budget projects and the projects in our current IDP.

I wish you all well in your work; may you continue to drive success and lead your teams to deliver the high standard of service that we have achieved over the years.

I did interact with some of you personally and sometimes not very pleasantly but I always put the people of Cape Town first.

Thank you once again for everything, enkosi, dankie, shukran.

Source: City of Cape Town