Mariental Municipality constructing public toilets in Aimablaagte

The Mariental Municipality is preparing to construct public toilets and water facilities in Aimablaagte, with construction expected to begin this month.

This was confirmed by Local Economic Development Officer, Linus Sinvula, who is spearheading the initiative to ultimately construct an open market for local vendors in the same area.

In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Sinvula said the procurement process is complete, but the commencement of construction is being hindered by budgetary constraints.

‘Based on the quotations provided for materials and labour for this project, our budget is N.dollars 130 000,’ he said.

The current plan includes four public toilets and one water standpipe.

The municipality relies on a zero-based budget system, primarily funded by revenue collected from services such as electricity and water, which often results in project delays.

Underscoring the urgency of completing the planned facilities, local vendor Bilha Meyer said she eagerly anticipates these improvements.

‘We ha
ve to use open fields whenever we need to use the toilet, which is unhygienic and uncomfortable,’ Meyer said.

Sinvula said once the toilets are complete, vendors can set up gazebos to conduct business from. He further said plans are also underway for the second phase, which involves the construction of an open market for vendors.

He said land has already been allocated for these developments, and they envision the market as a central hub for diverse business activities accessible to all.

‘We anticipate a nominal fee for usage, providing a formal space where vendors can comfortably operate from,’ he said.

Looking ahead, Sinvula expressed optimism about the project’s potential to transform Mariental’s economic landscape.

‘With community support and potential partnerships, we aim to boost local commerce and enhance living conditions,’ he concluded.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency