Magatle SAPS investigates case of murder, attempted murder and inquest

The Police in Magatle outside Lebowakgomo are investigating a case of murder, attempted murder and inquest which occurred at Ga-Rakgoatha1 village last night on the 2017-6-15 at about 19:00.

It is alleged that a Police Officer who is around 40's attached to DPCI (Hawks) in Limpopo and residing at Emdo Park in Polokwane had a domestic dispute with his wife and she run off to her parental home in Magatle.

He later followed her and on arrival he started shooting both the wife and his mother-in-law, killing the mother-in-law instantly and the wife survived with serious gunshot wounds and she is still recuperating in hospital.

The Police Officer was also found lying dead in that house with a bullet wound on the head. The cause of this domestic dispute is unknown but the police investigations will tell. The mother-in-law is around 60's and the wife is around 30's.

Police investigations are still continuing.

The SAPS Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Nneke Ledwaba has conveyed words of condolences to both families on behalf of the Police Management, members and staff.

The General has also condemned these type of incidents in the most strongest terms it deserve and that, if any member of the Police experience domestic problems, they must resort to the relevant authorities including the Police Component Employee Health and Wellness(EHW) for intervention without engaging in any form of violence including taking the life of others.

Source: South African Police Service