Limpopo Education on arrest of Modubatse Secondary School learner for assaulting Educator

The Limpopo Department of Education has learnt with shock and disappointment the humiliation suffered by an educator at Modubatse Secondary School, who was assaulted and poured with water on her face and body by an 18 year old Grade 12 learner yesterday.

The department awaits a detailed report on the incident but the initial information from the school indicates that the alleged assault happened after the educator had confiscated a cellphone, of which possession by any learner is contrary to the school rules. The learner fled the school when other educators helped their colleague and was later arrested by the police.

He will appear at the Bolebedu Magistrate Court tomorrow and will on his return face the school disciplinary processes. MEC Kgetjepe condemned the incident and described it as a sheer disrespect and ill-discipline shown by the learner. This kind of ill-discipline and criminality cannot be tolerated. Nobody in their right frame of mind does that to another human being let alone an educator who is there to guide learners on the right path to academic prosperity and a brighter future. It is totally unacceptable and none of our educators should suffer this kind of humiliation in the hands of learners.

The MEC further added that: Our schools must be places where discipline reigns supreme and where educators must be respected by learners as they discharge their duties without any fear. We cannot tolerate ill-disciplined learners in our schools who have no regard for the dignity of educators who are there to nurture them into responsible citizens.

The incident has left the educator traumatized and counselling has been arranged for her and all that have been affected by incident.

Source: Government of South Africa