Land grabbing remains major concern in Okakarara: Mayor

Land grabbing remains one of the major challenges at Okakarara in the Otjozondjupa Region, the town’s Mayor Asnath Jazukuka said.

Jazukuka on the sideline of the Okakarara Annual Trade Fair, told Nampa on Tuesday that while the town is significantly growing in terms of development, some of its approximately 1 500 residents are still without land and resort to grabbing any open area that is available to set up homes for themselves.

She stated that the town has three informal communities, notably Okakango, which is separated into two portions, Old Barmenside, where now 300 people have set up shacks, and the Pinkhuis area, where approximately 200 people live.

Then there is the Oruindjo Romakuija area which accommodates 500 people and where Build-Together project was supposed to build houses for some residents however, it never materialized, she said.

‘’Land grabbing remains our biggest issue. People from every part of Namibia are flocking to the town to come and set-up houses, however we can’t accommodate everyone with decent houses,’’ she said.

She said the Town Council recently reached an agreement with NamWater to provide water to these informal settlements, but could however not divulge any further details as the two parties are still in the negotiation phase.

She said that she is aware that these residents not only need water but also electricity, however she hesitated to give a response in that regard since the commissioning of electricity is done by Cenored, adding that there is currently no agreement or arrangement between the two institutions.

‘’The dividends we receive from the shares we have with Cenored we are ploughing back into the electricity services we provide to the people of the town,’’ she said.

Meanwhile, Jazukuka further expressed excitement and optimism for the annual trade fair, noting that the money raised from the occasion will be used to ensure that the town’s growth is at the centre of everything.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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