Labour on plans to unveil technological platforms to ease UIF claims process

'Biting and feared' inspectorate key to compliance � UIF Commissioner tells inspectors

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), an entity of the Department of Labour is piloting and plans to unveil a number of technological platforms to ease the claims processes by the UIF.

UIF Commissioner Teboho Maruping told a Department of Labour National Inspectors Conference held at Olive Convention in Durban today that critical introduction and the success of the new platforms is dependent on an inspectorate that bites and is feared. Maruping emphasised that without the active support of the inspectorate the investment in new technologies would be a futile exercise.

We are mindful that we need to support the inspectorate. For us to make money and pay out our clients we need their support. And this support will cost us.

We want our clients to access our services 'anytime, anyplace, and anywhere'. We want to take away people from Labour Centre queues. We want to move to these technological platforms by December, he said if the records are correct and captured accurately and updated, there was no reason why claims payment should be delayed.

Maruping also announced that the UIF would be unveiling a co-operative model to encourage an active citizenry in which the workers would blow the whistle on non-complying employers when it comes to UIF.

Source: Government of South Africa