Labour on ex-mineworkers Unemployment Insurance Fund

UIF extending its helpful arm to ex-mineworkers

Multitudes of people continue to flock Botshabelo Arena, Kaizer Sebothelo Stadium, to apply for their unemployment benefits.

This in the wake of a profound and insightful stance taken by the Department of Labour and other agencies of government such as the South African Parliament to pay Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits to ex-mineworkers or their dependents their monies which they failed to claim after leaving their jobs.

To this end, no less than 500 applications were received from eligible claimants just yesterday.

This campaign is taking place in Botshabelo, Free State, from 16/01/17 to 20/01/17 at Kaizer Sebothelo stadium. Of critical importance to note is the fact that this special project is only earmarked for ex-mineworkers who left their employment in 1987 and excluding those who left the mines from 1st April 2002.

Following the People's Assembly held in Mbhizana, Eastern Cape where a motion was tabled in the National Assembly on 19 September 2007 that Parliament was to establish a committee that will look at issues of the Ex-Mineworkers Union, an Ad-hoc Committee of Parliament was established with the following Terms of Reference;

To investigate matters raised in submissions from the Ex-mineworkers Union;

To consider records, reports and submissions by stakeholders previously involved;

To recommend points to assist in addressing their concerns relating to payment of compensation and outstanding unemployment benefits.

The end product of this investigation and deliberations by all interested parties was a resolve that a special nation-wide project aimed at paying what is due to these Ex-Mineworkers has to be embarked upon. This project started in earnest in the Free State and will be rolled out to other towns in the province later on.

The Department of Labour therefore calls upon the said ex-mineworkers to come in their numbers to apply for these benefits. It is required of an individual claimant to bring along all or any of the following documents for officials to verify the authenticity of the claim and ascertain whether or not you indeed worked in the mines during the said period;

Reference book (old identity document)

Employer cards

Salary advice

Old blue cards

Be that as it may, beneficiaries are encouraged to bring along all the necessary documentation at their disposal to help fast-track the process. In addition, such documentation can also assist in proper calculation of credits an individual beneficiary qualifies for, failing which a flat rate of R 3000 will be paid to the claimant.

However, this will be done with the understanding that the applicant submitted proof that he/she worked in the mining sector. If the salary information can be obtained as well as full periods of service, the benefit payment will be based on such available information.

Source: Government of South Africa