Labour on arrested inspector impersonator

Man nabbed for impersonating a Department of Labour Inspector

A 38-year-old male was arrested and appeared in Brakpan Magistrate court for impersonating a Labour Inspector and extorting money in Brakpan businesses area.

Presby Linda Nyamakazi was arrested earlier this month after a tip off by Gematone Trading Manager. He was found in possession of falsified Labour Inspectors identification card, employers' registration forms with Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act, copy of an RMA form and Home Affairs application for work permit. Presby Linda Nyamakazi had allegedly been impersonating a Labour Inspector.

The man went to a company under the pretext of checking their records and level of compliance. He told the owner that his company is not complying with Labour Legislation and needs R40 000 for Non-compliance or he will close the company.

The Labour Centre was tipped off to Nyamakazi's activities when a local firm � Gematone trading called Brakpan Labour centre to verify and confirm the legitimacy of the Labour Inspector and whether he was he was actually employed by the Department. He tried to run after realising that he bit more than he could chew, but by then it was already late because the Labour Inspector and the Police Officers were there.

He was arrested and charged with impersonating a Labour Inspector and extortion. He appeared in Brakpan Magistrates' Court on Monday.

The department commends the swift response by Brakpan Police officers for their alertness and vigilance which led to the arrest of the suspect. We strongly condemn such behaviour by the people who impersonate Labour Inspectors.

It is unfortunate that some elements in society, whether individuals or groups, would use the Department's Inspectorate for their own gain at the expense of others.

The Department encourages other employers and the general public to report any bogus activity to the Provincial office in Braamfontein and alert our Labour Centres of any or similar incidents happening elsewhere in the country.

Source: Government of South Africa