Israeli Navy Injures Fisherman, Detains Four off Gaza

A Palestinian fisherman was injured and detained along with four others by Israeli naval troops who attacked them on Tuesday off the coast of Gaza, according to local sources.

WAFA correspondent said that Israeli gunboats attacked the fishermen as they were sailing within six nautical miles from the coast of Gaza City, injuring at least one of them before four other fishermen and he were detained.

The five fishermen were identified as Rajab Abu Reyala, Khaled Abu Reyala, Hasan Meqdad, Mohammad Ibrahim Meqdad, and Mohammad Bashir Abu Reyala.

The navy also stole two fishing boats and took the detained fishermen to an unknown destination.

Israeli navy targets Gaza fishermen almost on a daily basis, in a blatant breach of a ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and armed Palestinian groups in august 2014, following 51 days of bloody aggression on the Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of over 2.200 Palestinians, mostly civilians.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), all Israeli attacks on Palestinian fishermen have taken place within the distance of six nautical miles, which it said "proves that Israeli forces' policies aim to tighten restrictions on the Gaza Strip's fishermen and their livelihoods."

Source: Wafa