The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs is inspired by the spirit and intention contained in the proposed International Immigration policy review. The Committee has long held the view that there is a need to review the 1999 White Paper to bring it in line with current challenges faced within the country and globally.

In particular, the Committee supports the adoption of an open approach that encourages skilled immigration that will go a long way to increasing high-skill supply in the country to promote economic growth. The Committee has always encouraged immigration that will contribute to South Africa's development agenda while barring entry to negative elements. The Committee has called on the department to ensure that the policy is clear on how the country will encourage developmental migration.

The Committee also drew attention to the security role that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has to play as a result of the integration of the department within the security cluster. The Committee has encouraged the incorporation of risk-based approach within the policy, to ensure the management of international migration based on evaluation and mitigation of risks.

The Committee also welcomes an Immigration Policy that considers the global context and South Africa's central role in ensuring peace and security within the region, in Africa and globally. It is the Committee's considered view that the investment made by the country in ensuring peace and security globally has long-term value in effective management of immigration.

A societal approach to the issue of migration is also necessary. As such, the Committee encourages an inter-governmental approach that does not abdicate responsibility for migration to the DHA.

The Committee has committed to another extensive engagement that will enable further contribution and enhancement to the policy proposal. South Africans are invited to make valuable contributions to this policy.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa