Human Settlements Committee Briefed on Property Practitioners Bill

Parliament´┐Ż The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements was today briefed by the Department of Human Settlements on the Property Practitioners Bill [B21-2018] which seeks to, among other things, transform the property sector through regulation, participation and inclusion.

The committee has welcomed the briefing of this Bill, which provides for the repeal of the Estate Agency Affairs Act of 1976 and the provision for the continuation of the Estate Agency Affairs Board as the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority. The committee is pleased that the Bill includes bond originators and assessors among others, and has raised the importance of having transformation as a standalone chapter within the Bill, since transformation of the sector is the main aim of this Bill as this sector does not have people who were previously disadvantaged operating within it.

The committee has raised issues of clarity on the management of the transformation fund and the powers given to property inspectors and evaluators. The committee has also raised the issue of whether it is necessary for every entity within the human settlements sector to have an ombudsman as this could pose a challenge of having a lot of ombudsmen. The committee has also raised the issue of the establishment of an academy to train property practitioners from previously disadvantaged communities, which will also look into the area of transformation of the sector.

The department has also indicated that the reason why the Bill has a long definition is to ensure that everyone who operates within the property space, apart from estate agents, is regulated through this Bill. The committee is going to embark on a public participation process where the public will have an opportunity to interact with the committee on the Bill.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa