Government wishes members of the public a safe festive season

As the country ushers in the festive season, government encourages all citizens to take the necessary precautions to have a safe holiday experience.

The December period is known for an increase in road travel. Road-users are urged to exercise caution, ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and obey speed limits, amongst the other traffic rules. Road accidents take a massive toll on society and government calls on road users including pedestrians to be more vigilant as the festive season approaches.

Acting GCIS Director-General, Donald Liphoko said; "Road safety is a responsibility of every South African. If a person is intoxicated, he or she must not get behind the wheel but should make alternative arrangements for transport. The cost of road accidents to our economy is R142, 95-billion, each life lost is priceless. In the euphoria that is usually experienced during this season, we must remain cognisant of the economic impact of road carnage and not allow this to circumvent our common vision and objectives as spelled out by the National Development Plan to eradicate unemployment, poverty and inequality."

Government appeals to parents and guardians to ensure the safety of their children and be aware of their movements. Many families will be gathering at beaches, dams and swimming pools and we urge parents and guardians to always supervise children. Liphoko added, "We remind all parents and guardians that as we experience hot weather patterns, children should not be left in a hot car as this can have a devastating impact leading to seizures, brain damage, liver or kidney failure and even death. The festive season has in the past been marred by an increase in incidents of misconduct, domestic violence and child neglect which are often caused by alcohol and substance abuse.

The law enforcement agencies will be hard at work across the country and government calls on society to work with them and report any incident of criminality.

"Personal safety is a human right, so let's play our part and abide by the law. Government wishes all South Africans and visitors a relaxing and safer festive season and encourages them to use this time to kick-start a healthier lifestyle," said Liphoko.

Source: Government of South Africa