Gauteng Provincial Legislature launches Sub-Forum on Ethics, 23 Mar

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) under the auspices of the Gauteng Speakers Forum (GSF) will on Thursday, 23 March 2017 launch the Sub-Forum on Ethics which will amongst others, promote a consistent, transparent, and conscious approach in the management of ethical issues within the GPL and all Municipalities in Gauteng.

Recognising the need for improved cooperation between the GPL and all Municipal Councils, the objective of the launch of the Sub-Forum on Ethics is to inculcate common norms, standards and practices at both provincial and local spheres of authority, in line with the good governance regime.

Central to the work of the Sub-Forum on Ethics will be the promotion of ethical governance, deepening of democracy and improving accountability in Gauteng.

Objectives of the Sub-Forum on Ethics

To support municipalities and relevant organisations in the exchange of information relating to ethical issues and their management

To provide a supportive and collaborative environment where ethical issues can be identified, discussed, and acted-upon.

To identify and bring forward significant ethical issues, those with large scale and multidisciplinary impact, to the attention of policy makers and academics for further investigation and review.

To link with other agencies and networks to promote the advancement of community ethics in the Province.

To encourage and foster community-based research and development initiatives, with an aim to enhancing the Gauteng community's ethical understanding of the unique challenges faced by the Province.

Source: Government of South Africa