Fraudsters nabbed in Williston

The police in Williston have arrested three suspects after they were found in possession of bank and SASSA cards.

The suspects were arrested this morning at about 00:30 during police operation in Williston.

In total 22 cards were confiscated, that is 17 SASSA cards, 4 Standard bank cards and 1 Post bank card. R15 320.00 cash money was confiscated from the suspects. Police also confiscated 16 ID documents from the suspects. A Mazda Sedan vehicle used by the suspects was also confiscated.

The Station Comnander of Williston, Captain Lilieveld commended the members for the good work rendered by the members. He reiterated that Williston policing precinct has been declared no go area for the criminals.

It is suspected the suspects were fraudulently withdrawing money unsuspecting victim's bank accounts. The suspects are expected to appear before the local Magistrates court soon.

Meanwhile the Williston police have arrested two suspects in connection with possession of implements used to commit housebreakings.

Police investigations are continuing.

Source: South African Police Service