Four suspects, including a female, to appear in court for kidnapping and attempted murder

PORT ALFRED - Three males and a female will appear in the local magistrate's court in Port Alfred early next week. They face charges of Kidnapping and Attempted Murder which is being investigated by the Nemato SAPS.

On 05 June 2019 at approximately 23:15, the victim aged 45 was at his house and he heard a knock on the door. He went to open and was attacked by four persons who took him to a car and drove to a field close to Bathurst. The suspects stopped and stabbed him several times. He managed to escape while the suspects allegedly attempted to slit his throat.

He was found on route by a security vehicle and taken to Port Alfred hospital. He is in a stable condition.

Following an intense investigation by Detectives, four suspects including a female have been arrested. They will all appear in the local magistrate's court early next week.

The motive for the attack is not known and will be investigated.

Source: South African Police Service