Fees Commission to determine feasibility of free education

South Africans are called to make written submissions to the Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training, referred to as the Fees Commission, says Parliament.

Parliament on Wednesday said this call was made by the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training.

The Commission was established by President Jacob Zuma following the Fees must Fall protests of 2015. It is charged with determining the feasibility of free education in institutions of higher learning.

According to Parliament, the Committee Chairperson Yvonne Phosa said it is crucial for all stakeholders to make an input to the Commission as this is a national matter that has the potential for a long-term impact on higher education and the fiscus.

"This is a legislated process where the voices of people should be heard on what kind of higher education they want and what funding method is feasible. This is really about expanding and making higher education affordable to benefit all South Africans," said Phosa.

She said the Committee believes this process will allow different voices to raise issues on free higher quality education in a coordinated, structured and reasonable manner.

Parliament said submissions can be sent to magistrates' offices countrywide by 31 May.

"The Commission is expected to finalise its work in September, after which a report will be submitted to President Jacob Zuma within three months. Phosa called on all stakeholders to make use of this opportunity," said Parliament.

Source: Government Communication and information System