Doodle sets to bridge under-employment gap in film industry

The Doodle-Film Hub Ltd. says it plans to establish a mass cinema value-chain that bridges the gap that resulted to under-employment in the film industry. Its Chief Executive, Yinka Ade-Aluko, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that this would enhance youths’ employment and empowerment for jobs and career opportunities within film industry and its sub-sectors. Ade-Aluko, who is also a creative and film entrepreneur, said his company was introducing new production and distribution models that encourages no/low budget production; and one that guarantees affordable and accessible cinema with lowest ticketing, ever possible. ‘We are bringing on board a new production and distribution model that challenges the status quo in the Nigerian Film Industry, to engage the youth and empower young and student filmmakers.’ ‘This will be achieved by filling the vacuum we identified and bridging gaps that were created by the current pattern and the under-employment nuance within the industry and its various sub-sectors and related sectors.’ ‘From our observation and research, Nollywood produces around 1500 movies annually on the average.’ And, of these movies, less than one per cent make it to the cinema. Why? Because to make it to the cinema, you would need around N10 million for publicity and adverts alone,’ the film entrepreneur said. According to him, an average Nollywood cinema movie cost around N30 million to make – that makes a total budget of N40 million. ‘And funny enough, less than 10 per cent of the movies ever grossed N20 million or even ever breakeven in cinema. And, the funniest part is that, only around 30 per cent of the money grossed comes to the filmmakers. That sounds unbelievable, but that’s Nollywood Cinema for you, as designed. ‘By the way, Nollywood cinema is not patterned for its original and larger market, because, it only focuses the Elites-Middle-Class sub-market who are only about one per cent of the country 200 million plus population, if they are really up to. ‘While it sidelines and ignores around 70 per cent entertainment lovers and youthful fraction of that huge population. Who does that in business? I don’t understand! Anyway, we, at doodle, value that larger market of the industry because it makes business sense!’ he said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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