Deputy Minister Zou Kota-Fredericks participates in Women’s Dialogue commemorating Women’s Month, 5 Aug

Intensified efforts to address issues facing women and paying tribute to women struggle heroines

In an intensified effort to address issues facing women such as gender-based violence, inequality, unemployment and in the spirit of Thuma Mina, Human Settlements Deputy Minister, Zou Kota-Fredericks and 300 women from across the Western Cape will participate in a Women's Dialogue commemorating Women's Month.

The theme is 100 Years of Albertina Sisulu, Women of Fortitude: Women United in Moving South Africa Forward.

The programme will showcase economic opportunities for women in the human settlements value sector and paying tribute to those whose struggles laid the foundations for women's rights, freedoms and inspire action to transform gender relations, advance efforts to ensure gender equality and women empowerment in South Africa.

Source: Government of South Africa