Corporate Communication and Visible Policing engage in school awareness campaigns

KWAZULU-NATAL - On the 31 March 2021, members from Corporate Communication led by acting Provincial Head, Colonel Thandi Mbambo and Fouriesburg Social Crime Prevention in School Safety programs in Fouriesburg area. The awareness campaign began at Fouriesburg Secondary school where grade nine pupils were addressed on issues such as rape, bullying as well as use of drugs.

Pupils were strongly discouraged from using any form of drugs under the false pretence that it will assist them excel in their studies.

They were also discouraged in engaging assaults and bullying as such incidents leads to them having criminal records that impacts negatively on their future.

Other schools such as Phaphama High school, Ipokelleng Secondary school in Mashaeng, and Welvanpass farm school were visited. In all schools pupils were also issued with blue SAPS promotional shopping bags.

Trust between the police and pupils was restored through CPF chairperson representatives who gave their numbers for pupils to contact them with regard to any incident that requires police attention. They were also encouraged to call the Crime Stop number 08600 10111 if they want to give info on any crime.

Source: South African Police Service