Arts and Culture announces confirmed dates for the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA) National Elective Conference 2019

The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture under the leadership of Minister Nathi Mthethwa has been navigating the preparations of the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA) National Elective Conference. The CCIFSA National Conference will take place on the 02 � 03 August 2019 in Mpumalanga where the new CCIFSA leadership will be elected and adoption of the MOI will take place.

It is important to note that Minister has been asked on several occasions to prepare for this conference. Since the inception of the planning, the following key milestones are to be noted:

a) The national conference is preceded by both the District General Meetings (DGMs) and Provincial Summits, respectively.

b) The DGMs were convened in all provinces and were open to all artists

c) The CCIFSA National General Council members elected in 2015 will be delegates to the national conference with full status.

d) The national conference will adopt the MOI and focus on the reports that will be presented by CCIFSA. The election of the new leadership for CCIFSA will be based on the adopted MOI.

At the national conference the outgoing leadership of CCIFSA is expected to present various reports not limited to the state of the industry, work and organizational matters of CCIFSA since 2015 and the financial status of the organisation. Most importantly, the national conference has to adopt the MOI, which will serve as the constitution of the organisation and thereafter elect the new leadership.

The Department prides itself of having had to steer the process and continues to render support to CCIFSA in ensuring that the creative and cultural industry is at the cutting edge of transformation. Work so far should be applauded and therefore the coming conference is equally historical because it is expected that the current steps will be taken to another level.

The department provincial coordinators will be communicating with all delegates for all logistical arrangements

Source: Department of Arts and Culture