Anti-Corruption Unit arrested several police officials

Detectives from the Anti-Corruption arrested two police officers on Tuesday 2019-02-12 for business robbery following an incident which occurred on Saturday 2019-01-26 at approximately 15:15 at a cellphone shop in Strand Street, Cape Town.

During the incident six SAPS members are alleged to have entered the shop claiming they had a search warrant in search for drugs and firearms. They forced open security gates on the premises and conducted a search. Shop owners of surrounding shops gathered at the entrance of the shop after being alerted by the shop owner of what was transpiring. One of the members had a bag containing cash in his possession and when he was confronted by the shop owner it fell on the floor.

One of the members hid on the premises but the other members forced their way through the crowd and fled the scene in two vehicles a Toyota Hilux LDV and a marked police vehicle. Members of Cape Town Central arrived on the scene and took the police official that hid on the scene to the Cape Town Central Police station for questioning.

The Provincial Anti-Corruption Unit confirmed the incident and reported that a cellphone and cash to the value of R1 620 were taken. The cash was recovered. After consultation with Director of Public Prosecutions warrants of arrest for a case of robbery were issued for the arrest of the three identified members. Two of the three members aged 32 and 41 years old were arrested on a charge of robbery and appeared in Cape Town Magistrates court today (Wednesday, 2019-02-13). The third identified member is still at large.

In an unrelated incident, Detectives from the Anti-Corruption Unit arrested two members on a charge of Corruption. A complainant reported that on Tuesday 2017-09-12 she was confronted by two police officials who told her that she must pay them money for the release of her son who was arrested for murder. After another threat was made towards the safety of her grandson the complainant paid an amount of R1000 in cash to the two police members.

Both members age 35 and 45 were arrested on Wednesday 2019-02-13 on charges of corruption and appeared in the Athlone Magistrates Court. The case was remanded to 2019-03-25 for further investigation and the two members were released on bail of R800 each.

The Provincial Commissioner of the Western Cape police, Lieutenant General KE Jula has expressed disappointment that those entrusted to uphold the law get arrested for wrong doing. No SAPS member is above the law, and we will not allow any of our members to perpetrate a crime and get away with it. We are confident that this arrests will send a stern warning, says Lieutenant General Jula.

Source: South African Police Service