Aliwal North Cluster operational successes

Aliwal North: On 2018-5-11 the Cluster Commander Brigadier Xakavu joined Aliwal North in "Operation Fiela 2" together with Captain Kotze. The various role players comprising of SAPS, EHP, Department of Social Development, Disaster Management, Local municipality, Home Affairs(immigration), the CPF, Reservists, Provincial and local traffic Departments embarked on the operation. The focus of the operation was on compliance at taverns, undocumented persons and 30 business premises. A total of 35 Compliance notices were issued for people sleeping on the business premises. Traffic fines to the value of R1800-00 were issued. Stop and search activities also continued and 86 people searched and 44 vehicles. Later during the night shift members of CPU also managed to arrest a suspect that was stopped and found to have a parcel of dagga in his possession.

Sterkspruit: During the day members of crime prevention were busy with visibility patrols in Herschel when they followed up on positive information. They arrested two suspects age 21 and 29 for the unlawful possession of dagga 0,645g and o, 399 g. In an unrelated incidents a Sub Cluster Operation under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Moliko were also conducted at Sterkspruit. The focus were on the prevention of contact and property crimes by increasing police visibility in the priority areas. The members managed to arrest a suspect 46 years old for unlawful possession of dagga at the taxi rank during stop and search operations. It is alleged the suspect was on his way to the Gauteng Province.

The Cluster Commander Brigadier Xakavu commended the members for their collaborating efforts and reminded them to always keep our objective to maintain law, order peace and security as well as to reclaim the space occupied by the criminals.

Source: South African Police Service