Prime Minister Saad Hariri received today at the "Center House" MP Wael Abu Faour, who said after the meeting: "I met with Prime Minister Hariri to continue the ongoing discussions on the current political crisis, in the context of the open and continuous contacts between him and MP Walid Jumblatt. Things are moving positively, the page of the resignation is nearly folded and I hope that it will be behind us in the next few days. Several points and political understandings were clarified, and this will be expressed in a unanimous stance of the Council of Ministers soon."

Question: Did you convey any particular message from MP Jumblatt to Premier Hariri?

Abu Faour: The contacts are ongoing since the return of Premier Hariri to Lebanon and the consultations continue between them.

Question: What are the basic items that will be included in the statement that will be issued by the Council of Ministers?

Abu Faour: Since the beginning, Prime Minister Hariri expressed his belief that there are fundamental issues that must be resolved. These include the Taef Accord, the Arab-Arab relations, Lebanon's Arab relations, the disassociation policy, and the media issue. Discussions are tackling these issues and ways to spare Lebanon the repercussions of the region, and interference in things that do not concern it and that it cannot handle.

Hariri also received the Senior Associate and Regional Director for Middle East and North Africa Programs at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Leslie Campbell. Discussions focused on the parliamentary elections expected to take place next spring.

Later on, he met with the Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon Monika Schmutz Kirg?z and discussed with her the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

Hariri also met separately with MP Bahia Hariri, Mufti of Zahle and Bekaa Khalil Meiss, Mufti of Saida Selim Soussan, and the former Secretary General of the Higher defense council general Yehia Raad.

Source: National News Agency