A 36-years-old male suspect arrested for contraventions of Medicine Control Act & Drug Trafficking Act

GAUTENG - Boksburg North SAPS members of second hand goods together with a member of SAPS Organised Crime have today on 09 September 2019 at around 14h00 visited an adult shop - Xertic in Cnr 11 Avenue and Cason road as a form of operation.

However, upon their arrival and through preliminary investigations it was discovered that the owner, a 36-year-old male suspect contravened Medicine and Related substance control Act , section 22 paragraph (a) and section 14 subsection (1) and also contravened Drug Trafficking Act by selling sexual performance enhancement pills of some sort not defined within the ambit of the Acts.

During the arrest, he was charged with possession and dealing in dependent forming substances which are harmful to human life.

He will be detained in Boksburg North SAPS while waiting for his appearance at the Boksburg Court tomorrow.

Source: South African Police Service