709 Arrested in daily operations

DURBAN - KwaZulu-Natal police officers embarked on a number of operations in the province from 16 July 2019 until 22 July 2019. The aim of these operations was to trace wanted suspects and bring them to book.

The arrested suspects were charged for a number of crimes such as murder; robberies; carjacking; rapes; drunken driving and assaults. Operations including roadblocks; suspect raids; stop and search operations; inspections of liquor outlets; cordon and search operations and intensive patrols were conducted in various parts of the province.

A total of 709 suspects were arrested for various crimes of which 147 suspects were arrested for drugs related crimes while 81 were arrested for drunken driving. At total of 74 were arrested for assaults; 23 for robberies; 13 were arrested for murder; nine for housebreakings and 11 for rape. Others were arrested for attempted murder; carjacking; public violence; fraud; domestic violence; dealing in liquor without license.

Drugs such as dagga, heroin, mandrax and cocaine were seized during these operations. Large quantity of alcohol; clothing; suspected stolen vehicles; firearms; tools and knives were also seized. All the arrested suspects appeared in various courts in the province while others were issued with summons to pay fines.

Source: South African Police Service