Daily Archives: October 16, 2021

Undisclosed amount of cash found at a motor vehicle accident scene

On Thursday, the 14/10 at about 11:50 while members of the Cradock K9-dog unit were patrolling the N10 - Cradock/Middelburg road, they came across a white Ford Icon motor vehicle standing in a field next to the road.

It is alleged that on further investigation one of the four occupants of the vehicle experienced serious discomfort and the emergency services were contacted, to access the seriousness of their injuries.

On arrival of the emergency services the police officials then noticed that the suspects were very nervous and did not want to remove their back packs even while being medically examined by ambulance personnel.

After their backpacks were searched bundles of bank notes were found. Some money was also concealed inside the lining of a jacket.

Three suspects between the ages of 36 and 41 were arrested and will appear on charges of Possession of suspected stolen goods in the Cradock Magistrates court soon.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: South African Police Service