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Hefty sentence handed down for Grassy Park murder

WESTERN CAPE – Western Cape SAPS management welcomes the sentencing of Marco Joostenberg (29) and Riyaad Canham (27) for their involvement in a 2017 murder.

On 08 March 2017, the body of a 29-year-old male was discovered by neighbours at his residence in Jacana Lane, Pelican Park. The deceased had been tied with a belt and shoelaces and gagged with a sock in his mouth. A case docket of murder, house robbery and burglary residential and theft was registered at Grassy Park SAPS, thereafter the case docket was transferred to the Anti-Gang Unit for further investigation. After a lengthy investigation, a breakthrough was made when two men with links to the “Young

Gifted Six Bobs” gang were identified as possible suspects. DNA collected on the scene was compared to DNA of the suspects and proved to be a match.

Both suspects were arrested for the mentioned charges. Due to overwhelming evidence linking the two suspects to the crimes, both accused made plea agreements with the state and accepted lengthy prison sentences. On 11 August 2020, Joostenberg and

Canham were sentenced to 35 years’ imprisonment each for murder and were also declared as being unfit to possess firearms.



Source: South African Police Service

Coronavirus case at Mhluzi SAPS

MPUMALANGA – All communities serviced by Mhluzi Police Station are advised that this police station will be closed temporarily due to a member who tested positive for COVID-19 virus. The Community Service Centre will now be operated at Mhluzi SAPS … read more

XCMG’s Global Livestreaming Proves a Success as Third Event Turnover Reaches US$28 Million in Five Hours

XUZHOU, China, Aug. 14, 2020 /PR Newswire/ — Leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer XCMG (SZ:000425) is expected to deliver the first order totaling 60 million yuan (US$8.6 million) placed during its third global livestreaming sales event to Middle East region this weekend, the sets of construction machinery equipment includes mobile cranes and a crane model customized […] read more