Daily Archives: October 4, 2019

Arts and Culture to host 16th Annual National Oral History

The Department of Arts and Culture in partnership with Mpumalanga Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation and the Oral History Association of South Africa (OHASA) will host the 16th Annual National Oral History opening taking place on 08 October 2019 at Steve Tshwete Banquet Hall in Middelburg, Mpumalanga Province under the theme: Collective Memories, Disparities and Contents: Reflecting on 25 Years of Democracy.

The conference will take place over a period of five days from 07-11 October 2019. The opening will be led by the Deputy Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Ms Nocawe Mafu. A flag hoisting will be conducted at a local school.

The Department of Arts and Culture is mandated by the cabinet to lead the National Oral History Programme for South Africa. The program seeks to yield information that will be added to the information already existing in the country's Archival holdings.

The programme furthermore seeks to assist the communities in retrieving neglected indigenous and community knowledge as a way of promoting social, economic and cultural development.

Source: Department of Arts and Culture