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Impeccable Period for South African Businesses to be in Mozambique – High Commissioner Mpahlwa

The South African businesspeople are in Mozambique at an impeccable period, where Mozambique is on a positive economic and development path. This was said by the South African High Commissioner to Mozambique, Mr Mandisi Mpahlwa. Mpahlwa was welcoming a team of businesspeople led by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) on a Trade and Investment Mission scheduled to take place in the provinces of Pemba and Maputo, Mozambique from today, 26 � 30 November 2018.

According to Mpahlwa, the Mozambican economic meltdown in 2016 does not change the fact that the country has good potential and is on a positive path for the economic growth and development. For this reason, Mpahlwa said it was far-sighted for the South African businesspeople to be seeking trade and investment opportunities, showcasing their capabilities and to take full advantage of South Africa being a natural partner logistically and cost wise, based on the proximity of the two countries.

South Africa is optimistic that the current progress in the peace process, monetary easing and efforts to improve ease of doing business will make Mozambique a more attractive investment destination and will sustain the positive economic trend. The extractive, energy, infrastructure and agriculture sectors are some of the sectors that you need to pay particular attention to for the supply of your goods and services, said Mpahlwa.

He further said that the move by the Mozambican government to improve the current 28% electricity coverage to 38% in 2020 and 100% in 2030 presents a huge opportunity for businesspeople. The need for the rail network to be established between South Africa and Mozambique to minimise transport costs when doing business is also an opportunity for businesspeople in both countries.

Mr Ghamet Aysen, who is a shareholder in Voltex MV/LV said the company was excited to travel to Mozambique to network and to look at business prospects and acknowledge the role of government in this venture.

The business delegation consists of South African companies funded by the dti and represent electrical and renewable energy, architects and engineering services, built environment, telecommunications, mining services, rail and ports, steel and tubing and gas sectors.

The programme for the mission will include business seminars, business-to-business meetings and site visits. The Governor of Cabo Delgado Province, Julio Parruque and the South African High Commissioner to Mozambique, Mr Mandisi Mpahlwa will address the business seminar today.

Source: Department of Trade and Industry