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DURBAN, The five suspects accused of being in possession of body parts at Estcourt in KwaZulu-Natal Province, about 175 kilometres northwest of here, have abandoned their bail application as they appeared briefly in the local magistrate court Monday on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder and possibly cannibalism.

The suspects, who had been expected to formally apply for bail, were arrested last week after one of them went to a local police station and voluntarily admitted to cannibalism.

Hundreds of members of the Estcourt community were protesting and chanting slogans outside the local Magistrate's Court during the appearance of the five people who had allegedly been found with body parts. The community wants police to allow them to see the suspects.

It is alleged that two of them are traditional healers while another two are said to be working for the traditional healers. The fifth suspect was arrested late last week and joined his accomplices in court. One of them appeared remorseful and broke down in tears during the court proceedings.

The road in front of the court was closed with police monitoring the situation. Before the court proceedings began, community members who were protesting outside the court, saying the suspects should not be granted bail. They said they feared for their lives.

Just minutes later, however, after the five abandoned their bail application, the community was singing a different tune, demanding to see the suspects. One community member said: "Police were supposed to allow the community to see these people who are consuming people in our area."

Police are now conducting DNA tests and the court hearing has been adjourned to Sept 28 to facilitate further investigation.


Minister Senzeni Zokwana awards top female entrepreneurs

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