12 Suspects nabbed for N1 accident scene looting

The police in Makhado arrested 12 suspects in possession of suspected stolen property.

On 2017-12-19 at about 04:00 the police in Makhado attended a scene of Reckless or negligent driving along the N1 next to the Hendrick Verwoerd tunnel wherein a truck carrying groceries overturned, scattering an assortment of items along the road. The driver and the passenger were conveyed to the local hospital for medical attention after sustaining some injuries during the accident.

It is alleged that the residents from the local villages helped themselves to the groceries at the accident scene. The police managed to arrest 12 suspects aged between 23 and 54 and are believed to be from Tshikuwi, Maname paradise Waterpoort area. They will appear in the Louis Trichardt Margistrate's soon on Charges of Possession of suspected stolen property.

These arrests should send a clear message and deter other community members from involving themselves in the looting acts as this obstructs the police when attending to accidents and other crime scenes. The police investigations are continuing.

Source: South African Police Service